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Simu Aktar
Jun 11, 2022
In Welcome to the Cars Forum
My name is Daqi, an ordinary designer. I mean ordinary. Like most designers, I am struggling with the layout of several elements and the spacing of several pixels. After a long time, I will inevitably feel that the sense of achievement is extremely low. , telemarketing list I will also complain and complain; it is not ordinary, I have been telemarketing list doing social networking since I joined the company, and I am indeed a designer who has grown up with Alibaba’s social products, and I have also experienced the taste of it. Suddenly another outlet came. I was selected again Seeing that the sharing telemarketing list economy has gone from hot to cold, the fan economy has gone from hot to cold, live broadcasting telemarketing list has gone from hot to cold, and the consumption of feeds has become hot again. I stumbled into a new business - short video. As usual, let's take a look at what our partners in the industry are doing. Weibo has cultivated the telemarketing list mind of self-media; the official account has established the gameplay of self-media; Toutiao has seized the opportunity by relying on the mode of streaming content distribution through feeds. A large number of self-media people are gathered in these platforms, when the consumption carrier is rapidly transformed from telemarketing list articles to videos. Kuaishou Douyin took the bus into the city early again, proving its position as the overlord with an astonishing number of users. When I was making a competing product, I took a look at ByteDance (Today’s Toutiao) with Wikipedia, telemarketing list and I shivered at this layout. Friendship Tencent iQiyi also hurriedly launched its own independent app in an attempt to prevent it.
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