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salma akter
Jun 11, 2022
In Welcome to the Cars Forum
The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is executive list not to brush my teeth, but to see if my song is on the charts, and then I will look at the usage of the original sound, and then look at the volume of topics. My life is controlled by data, This is the first thing executive list after waking up every day." Zhou Lun, who is engaged in the planning of Douyin's hot songs, told us. ring ah ring ah! Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, ye~ long time no see~ You are my baby, baby baby... Under the coercion of the Douyin algorithm, these executive list music have penetrated into the cyber life of most people. This kind of music whose main promotion platform has dominated the screen for a period of time on Douyin and has been brainwashed by melody is called "Douyin Hot Song". The origin of the Douyin hot song is a divine song with a very memetic executive list pollution effect - "Learn to Meow". In that year when the Douyin algorithm was immature, Brainwashing simple songs with childish gesture dances, this song It swept the entire Douyin overwhelmingly with the gesture of locusts crossing the executive list border. The copyright owner made a lot of money, and at the same time, Douyin as a song executive list promotion platform. Countless copyright agents and record companies followed the news and turned their heads to focus on the promotion of Douyin. Douyin has since become the main battlefield for music promotion in the new era of the Internet. In June 2021,
How Did the Behind Executive List content media
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