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Rina Khatun
Jul 14, 2022
In Welcome to the Cars Forum
Of these, Azuay and Tungurahua are the fifth and C Level Contact List seventh provinces with the highest number of voters, while Cotopaxi and Chimborazo have a considerable number of voters. There is another way to propose this argument: rather than lose C Level Contact List against Lasso, Arauz lost against the invalid vote. Who would have won if the null had been 10%-11% instead of 16.2%, as it happened? Or more appropriately to illustrate the same point, who C Level Contact List would have won if only 10%-15% of Yaku Pérez's votes had turned into null votes? In the extreme, who would have won if none of Pérez's votes had become null? The answer: Arauz. It is due to the massive invalid C Level Contact List vote that Arauz, having had a considerable advantage of 13 percentage points over Lasso, grows very modestly in the percentage of valid votes in all provinces between the first and C Level Contact List second rounds. Lasso, for his part, obtains slightly more votes than expected (that is, assuming several reasonable assumptions regarding the votes of the other candidates), but grows considerably in C Level Contact List the percentage of valid votes in all provinces between the first and second rounds. of the presidential elections. A comment to finish. What has been said here does not ignore the merit or C Level Contact List effectiveness of Lasso's campaign in the weeks prior to the elections, the failures of Arauz's campaign, or any of the endless list of factors that contributed to the final result. On the contrary, all we C Level Contact List do is point out what is, perhaps, the most immediate mechanical reason in the C Level Contact List causal sense that explains Lasso's victory, given the results that we observe. On the other hand, any reading of political economy or of another type that attributes the defeat of the progressive candidate to the trend towards the right in the South American regional context, the destruction of the notion of what is public in
Of Ecuador Ecuarunari C Level Contact List content media
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