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Rasel Rasel
Jul 17, 2022
In Welcome to the Cars Forum
Your goal should be to have estimates lined up on Job Function Email List your calendar. The more estimates you go out there and give, the more versed you will get in pricing and Job Function Email List meeting with clients, the more foreclosure cleanup work you will get, and the sooner you can get out of your job. Growing Too Fast? Here's a nice Job Function Email List dilemma: you're working a job and the calls are starting to come in because you are strategically marketing, Job Function Email List pricing right, and growing your Job Function Email List foreclosure cleanup business. How do you handle that transition Job Function Email List period from needing your job, to fielding the work coming in? Simple; you will need help. And that help can be in the form of Job Function Email List other companies to which you can formally refer Job Function Email List out work. Those other similar businesses in the area are not your competition; they are your allies, your friends, especially in the part-time, start-up phase. Reach out to them in the beginning to introduce your foreclosure Job Function Email List cleaning business. This will do two things: 1) it will get Job Function Email List your business name out there; and 2) it will give you the opportunity to discuss a formal referral agreement whereby if you send them work, you will get a percentage of the earnings. (Always use a formal, written referral agreement.) Over time, this reaching out to your assumed competition will become a mutually beneficial exchange because these companies will also know they can call on you, too, as your business grows into a full-time operation. Plan Your Exit Don't let fear or anybody's job keep you from entrepreneurship. Realize you may have to start part-time, but start you will.
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