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Rahat Shahriar
Jul 14, 2022
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Served not only academic but also political Job Function Email List ends. My decision to make "history from below" came not during my first research period in the Soviet Union, but after I moved to the USA .. That reflected, first of all, what was happening in professional historiography as a whole. They were all heading toward social history, which had been quantitative, but was Job Function Email List now becoming more qualitative. Doing social history then was like doing cultural history in the 1990s: everyone was drawn to it. In the Soviet case, there was an additional issue. If history was written considering that everything came "from above", making history was very easy: you could read all the Job Function Email List official declarations, the resolutions of the Central Committee. The laws of the Council of Ministers and say: "Perfect, this is Job Function Email List what has passed". If, for example, someone was interested in the peasantry, he could read all the laws and resolutions relating to the peasantry and deduce the real situation.ussr . As I rather cynically realized later, laws and instructions were often more useful to the social historian because of a kind of reverse Job Function Email List reading: they told you how the authorities wanted things to be, not how they were; and his prohibition lists were often an excellent guide to the kinds of practices that were common in real life. I thought that making history from below was also an especially interesting challenge in Soviet history because no Job Function Email List one had tried to do it before. It was not very clear what the sources would be, although they were clearly inadequate, especially for the 30s and 40s. But was it possible or not? I quite like challenges, so Job Function Email List I thought it might be doable. I thought it might be feasible even for the Soviet archives, despite all the problems of access to archives for foreigners, which included never being able to see catalogs Job Function Email List or inventories and therefore having to guess what type of material the archives Job Function Email List could contain. However, by the mid-'70s I was at least a well-known person.
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