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Robin Islam
Apr 10, 2022
In Welcome to the Cars Forum
This year's epidemic has had a great impact on SMB, and the demand for corporate loans is very strong. ⑥Procurement category: including business travel, commodity procurement, office leasing, etc. Representative products include 1688, Zanggang, Huilianyi, CREAMS, etc. This field is very resource-intensive. Either it is backed by big brands, or it has been operating in vertical fields for many years. The core is to connect the supply and demand systems of both parties to enable customers to more flexibly manage and control the workflow. The above six categories, combined with revolutionary technologies such as AI, have restructured the market ecology to a certain extent, and have also formed the popular To B track in the past two years, such as RPA for process automation and MA for marketing automation. Whether KA or SMB, front-end sales will always be the core theme of an enterprise. Therefore, from the technical dimension, it mainly includes four categories: Ad Tech with advertising as the core; Sales Tech with sales as the core; Retail Tech with retail as the core; Mar Tech with marketing as the core. Another role of technology is to replace labor, especially data work. Human brain cognition is irreplaceable for long-term strategic design, but data is far superior to human brain for immediate operational decision-making. The major giants have established their own data decision-making center in the past two years, and then package the single module of the center system. , is a complete To B service, such as cloud computing. 04 The B-side war of the giants and with Phone Number List the increasingly prominent entry of small programs, the To B battle between ATs has long passed the dark battle stage, and Tencent's To B field All the layouts of , are pointing at Ali. 1. Ali has been leading To B Most of Alibaba's product lines include To B business, so it cannot establish a To B business group like Tencent. There are 4 business groups in the middle and Taiwan: Cloud Intelligence, Ant Financial, Alimama, and Cainiao Network; there are 6 business groups in the front office: retail e-commerce, B2B, local life services, entertainment, innovative business, and Hema. We are more familiar with Ali's six front-end business groups. Retail e-commerce includes Tmall, Taobao, Intime Department Store, Health, Tmall International, etc.; B2B is mainly 1688 and overseas business; local services benchmark Meituan, including Koubei, and Fliggy Travel; entertainment includes Youku, Ali Films,; innovative businesses include UC, Tmall Genie, Ali Literature, and Ali Music; Hema focuses on offline new retail. The six front-end ecosystems of Alibaba are basically well known, and the To B services included will not be repeated here. Next, we will mainly analyze the four middle-end platforms that support Ali's front-end. ①Cloud Intelligence Business Group Including Alibaba technology middle platform, data infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud, DingTalk, etc., mainly responsible for supporting the technical infrastructure of itself and customers, and improving technical reserves.
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