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Apr 03, 2022
In Welcome to the Cars Forum
And the best is that my system does not require cold calls, or any Buy Email Database kind of "sales" technique. No, the property owner actually calls you and you then make an offer in writing Buy Email Database without even talking to the seller again. So if he likes the offer, great he will accept, if not he will toss it out but you don't have to face the uncomfortable situation of having to negotiate with sellers. So I am here to tell you that buying properties for as little as $100.00 is very Buy Email Database possible, you just need to have the right system in place and need to have a targeted approach and not Buy Email Database just some vague idea of how to do this. Jack Bosch began investing in real estate in 1999. Along the way he discovered a secret system of buying land for literally pennies on the dollar and reselling the property for thousands more. Since his first transaction he has personally bought aBuy Email Database nd sold over 5000 properties using his fine tuned system. Jack to this day still invests and profits from real estate, however
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